WHA Resolution on strengthening diagnostics capacity: call for commitments

Committing to support countries to implement the WHA Resolution on diagnostics and improve health for all

The commitment tracker will be an open, public platform hosted by FIND for members of the global health community to share commitments to support Member States in implementing the landmark Resolution to strengthen diagnostics capacity, which was adopted at the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA) in 2023. It will launch during the WHA meeting in 2024.

Ahead of launch, submissions are welcomed from stakeholders across the global health community including, but not limited to, technical agencies, NGOs, private sector, community and civil society organizations. To share your organization’s commitment, please complete the form shared below.


Guide to commitments

Sharing a commitment is an opportunity to communicate your plans and ambitions to support the implementation of the Resolution on diagnostics and engage with partners and colleagues within the global health community to support these goals.

While the commitments are non-binding, the information submitted will be used to track progress on the 15 recommendations made within the Resolution, identify opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and to shine a spotlight on gaps, achievements and best practices that support implementation of the Resolution.

Any organization whose activities relate to the implementation of the WHA Resolution on diagnostics can make a commitment. This could include, but is not limited to, technical agencies, NGOs, private sector, community, and civil society organizations.

All commitments must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be submitted by an organization whose activities relate to the implementation of the WHA Resolution on diagnostics.
  • Respond specifically to one or more of the recommendations delivered in the WHA Resolution on diagnostics.
  • Clearly communicate specific actions to address one or more of the recommendations of the WHA Resolution on diagnostics, including where and when these activities would take place.
  • Are strongly encouraged to be measurable in terms of impact as well as the time commitment for the action.
  • Are expressed succinctly, within the limit of 250 words for each commitment per recommendation.

All commitment submissions will be reviewed by FIND before publication, for quality control and standardization purposes.

Each organization that submits a commitment maintains ownership of the information shared therein. FIND is hosting the commitment tracker platform, and as such, retains the right to share information submitted to the tracker as part of reporting on global progress against the Resolution on diagnostics recommendations.

Commitment information will be publicly accessible via the commitment tracker platform, including through an interactive dashboard that will allow the audience to view commitments made by geography, type of organization, and Resolution recommendation.

FIND will also use information from partner commitments to share updates on progress against the recommendations, highlight success stories, and shine a spotlight on gaps and unmet needs within the diagnostics ecosystem.

To ensure that the commitments on the platform as well as the information in the commitment dashboard remain up to date and reflective of partner progress, we will request that partners share an annual update.

To update or remove your commitment, please reach out to

The commitment tracker is hosted by FIND and is governed under FIND’s existing privacy policy and disclaimer.

FIND is the host of the commitment tracker platform. FIND will support the development of an interactive dashboard to share commitment information and will periodically solicit updates from commitment-makers to ensure the data shared on this platform is up to date.  Additionally, FIND will report on commitments, sharing progress updates, impact stories, and analyses of the information shared here.

Commitment tracker

An interactive dashboard showing the commitments made by geography, type of organization, and Resolution recommendation.