FIND Integrated Biobanks

Despite the need to ensure timely access to high-quality and relevant biological samples, major barriers to their access remain.

There is a general mismatch between the types of samples needed for research and those that are available, and often there is a lack of standardized processes to control the quality and ethical use of those samples. For donor countries, particularly low- and middle-income countries, export of biological specimens to support sites worldwide can undermine local research objectives, with researchers cut off from product development processes and receiving little by way of knowledge sharing or other benefits in return. Compounded by the broader issues of in-country service capacity, and collection visibility and coordination, this is a situation that delays the development of fit for purpose diagnostic products and is a gap that FIND aims to close.


Our response

Decentralizing traditional systems, FIND is working with its partners to build a network of integrated biobanks across Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe. Supporting the inclusive, ethical collection and use of biological samples, we can reconnect supply with demand, build in-country service capacity, and improve access to high-quality samples when and where they are needed most.

How it works

Collection and distribution are mobilized by local partners, with priority given to high-burden and outbreak-prone diseases (including COVID-19). Available samples are listed on the DxConnect Virtual Biobank with all requests, ethical, legal, and regulatory procedures overseen by FIND. By providing the funding, resources and training needed to harmonize service standards, we want to see each of our partners become an independent, but connected, facility. Transforming access to biological samples, they are the foundation of an integrated network that benefits individual members through capacity-building and support, whilst also meeting local and global research needs.

Request samples

Offering users a single point of contact, sample requests should be submitted to FIND using the provided Material Request Form. Each submission will be evaluated by the Specimen Bank Review Committee (SBRC) and approved based on supporting evidence and data, relevance to public health, technological adaptability, and affordability.

Please allow two weeks for this process.



FIND receives no financial benefit from the samples distributed through its networks.

Join our network

If you run a local biobanking service and would like to join the FIND integrated network, please get in touch.