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Testing is the first line of defence in a global pandemic response, and the first pillar of the ACT-Accelerator for COVID-19. Supporting the continued development of diagnostic products, the FIND Specimen Bank holds 5,000 SARS-Cov-2 Positive/Negative aliquots – with new sites and collections being added in response to global research needs. Available to academic, non-profit, independent and commercial researchers, our samples can be used for case detection, to identify different types of patient immunity, and to monitor the landscape for new and emerging variants. From rapid tests to genomic sequencing, diagnostic solutions for COVID-19 will bring the spread of disease under control.

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Our collection

Collected from patients with positive and negative PCR test results, sample types include, but are not limited to, respiratory swabs, saliva, and blood. All collections are made at qualified clinics under a protocol approved by an Institutional Review Board and with informed consent from patients.

A full list of sample types and characterization is provided below. Future collections will see us move to increase regional diversity and include swab and whole-blood samples from vaccinated patients.

Specimen typeCharacterizationVolumeOrigin
Nasal swabSARS-Cov-2 Positive
SARS-Cov-2 Negative
0.18 mL (medium)Peru
Oropharyngeal swab0.18 mL (medium)
Saliva0.22 mL
Plasma0.22 mL
Whole blood0.22 mL
Serum0.22 mL, 1mL
PaxGene2.5 mL
DBS card-

Complete microbiological and clinical data are collected during enrolment and follow-up and are linked to biological specimens. Associated clinical and characterization data sets and timepoints (baseline, two, four and eight weeks after enrolment and testing) are also available upon request.

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Target Product Profiles offer important guidance on the global response to COVID-19, the role, type and characteristics of priority test solutions. If you would like more information about this, the product development process, or for assistance identifying the number and type of samples needed, please contact our team at