ArcGIS is a web-based mapping software

Technical skills

Comfortable with Excel and web-based tools. Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology ideal.

Data requirements

Data required depends on the type of  the analysis performed, and can be layered in a stepwise approach:

  • GPS coordinates of labs (and health facilities)
  • Health facility demands (the number of tests required) and the lab capacity (number of tests that can be performed)
  • Data provided within ArcGIS online: population and settlements, road network

Key Outputs

Recommendations related to testing capacity, improving access to testing and improving utilization of devices for eexample:

  • Mapping of laboratories and health facilities
  • Creating catchment areas for health facilities using straight line distance and road networks
  • Optimal location for placing new devices or relocation of existing devices
  • Optimal sample referral linkages/ routes

Current use

  • Several countries in Africa and Asia
  • Only for single disease networks. Mainly used for HIV and TB
  • Led by partners with technical support from Ministries of Health


Commercial software with implied license costs. Generous discounts for non-profit licenses.


Analysis can take 1-6 months depending on data availability and the complexity of the analysis

*Timeline and costs vary depending on scope and complexity of analysis and data availability and quality.


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