10th Advanced Course on Diagnostics (ACDx)

ACDx advocates for the role and the value of diagnostics in global health and builds capacity for critical decision-making on diagnostics in developing countries through partnerships and networks. This week-long intensive course focuses on access to quality-assured diagnostics, especially for antimicrobial resistance control and epidemic preparedness.

The program is developed with a Steering Committee comprising representatives from Institut Pasteur, UNICEF, WHO, TDR, DTRA, CDC, Africa CDC, CHAI and FIND.

Catharina Boehme, FIND CEO, was on the panel discussion titled Celebrating 10 years of progress made in the field of diagnostics. She was a co-chair at Session 4: WHO Essential Diagnostics Lists (EDL) and evaluation of test performance, and gave a talk on the Evaluation of test performance – the types and objectives of performance evaluations along the life cycle of a diagnostic product, and the importance of the responsibility of developers and users (lab-based conditions) in the context of test validation.

Cassandra Kelly, Director of Emerging Threats, FIND, spoke on the Critical role of diagnostics in outbreak preparedness and management – the important unmet diagnostic needs of the WHO Blueprint priority diseases, and elements of FIND’s strategy for diagnostic preparedness and outbreak response during Session 7: Access to diagnostics for epidemic preparedness in the context of One Health.

Dates: 15–20 September 2019
Venue: Les Pensières Center for Global Health, Veyrier du Lac, France