1st advanced course on diagnostics in French on African continent – Afro/ACDx

The Mérieux Foundation and Institut Pasteur of Dakar are co-organizing the first Advanced Course on Diagnostics in French on the African continent (Afro-ACDx). This course aims to improve the leadership skills of laboratory managers and to promote the role and value of medical diagnostics, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Afro-ACDx seeks to strengthen local capacity of medical biology laboratories in West and Central Africa through education and partnership development.

Afro-ACDx, co-directed by Prof. Jean Sakandé from the Mérieux Foundation and Dr Amadou Alpha Sall, Institut Pasteur in Dakar and FIND Scientific Committee member, is based on the Global Laboratory Leadership Programme (GLLP) and the Advanced Course on Diagnostics (ACDx) programme which has been held annually in France for the past 10 years. The COVID-19 pandemic will be used as storyline for the section dedicated to diagnostics.

Course presentation by Karell Pellé

Karell Pellé, Senior eHealth Scientific Officer at FIND, will be speaking during Session 5: Programmes et actions durables pour lutter contre la résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM) on l’Importance de l’intégration du diagnostic biologique pour la prise en charge du patient par le clinicien.

Dates: 21–26 November 2021
Venue: Saly, Senegal