1st LabCoP Extended Echo Session

The inaugural session of the new LabCoP Extended series will take place on Tuesday, 15 December at 16:00 EAT / 14:00 CET. This series of sessions will be similar to the Viral Load and COVID-19 ECHO sessions you have become familiar with, but this new series will cover a wide variety of lab systems strengthening topics.

The session will introduce the Score-TB package in the larger landscape of QMS tools such as SLIPTA and SLMTA, with some practical information on performing assessments. It is expected that the presentation will be followed by a subsequent session highlighting the utility of various bench-specific quality improvement tools, as part of the larger QMS agenda on the continent. The session is open to all, but QMS experts such as SLIPTA assessors, SLMTA trainers and other quality specialists working in tuberculosis laboratories in particular, are encouraged to attend.


  1. André Trollip, Senior Technical Officer, FIND
  2. Linda Oskam, CEO, Advisor Laboratory Systems Strengthening, DATOS
  3. Tjeerd Datema, CEO, Advisor Laboratory Strengthening, DATOS

Register for the session here.