Diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases

ISNTD d³ 2021 addresses the current gaps and collaboration opportunities across tropical diseases and diseases of poverty to accelerate drug discovery & development, vaccine R&D and uptake, and diagnostics and surveillance opportunities. This year, against the backdrop of the recently launched WHO NTD Roadmap and the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, ISNTD d³ has focused on the shifts, gaps and future needs of drug discovery, treatments and diagnostics in the context of global health.

Essential diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases: from technology to access for disease elimination

Dr Francis Moussy (Secretary, SAGE IVD and Essential Diagnostics List, WHO)
Launch of the World Health Organization’s third Essential Diagnostics List

Dr Dziedzom Komi de Souza (Senior Scientific Officer, NTD programme, FIND)
Access to visceral leishmaniasis diagnostics and impact towards attaining the elimination targets in Kenya – video of presentation

Dr Jessica Clark (University of Glasgow)
Reconciling egg- and antigen-based estimates of Schistosoma mansoni clearance and reinfection; a modelling study

Dr Pytsje Hoekstra (Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands)
Schistosoma eggs, circulating antigens or DNA? What do these different diagnostic markers reveal when monitoring praziquantel treatment in a clinical trial?

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