Digital Health for the Developing World (Frontiers Health)

Frontiers Health provides a platform for innovation thought leaders, digital health start-up founders, and health policy influencers to come together to learn, exchange and get inspired on the topics of digital disruption and technologies in healthcare.

Digital Health for the developing world from Frontiers Health on Vimeo.


On 15 November 2018, FIND’s Chief Access Officer, Zachary Katz, joined other eminent panelists to discuss the various needs and challenges in digital health for the developing world.

Developing countries need quality health care at lower costs. There are extraordinary opportunities for large parts of the world to benefit from better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Thanks to the work of startups, NGOs, and other international organizations, real-time data is being used to fight epidemics before they reach crisis level. Those living in remote areas are receiving health care, including vaccinations and vital information about disease prevention. But the potential to save lives and improve health is still largely untapped.