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The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) is a public-public partnership between 14 European and 16 sub-Saharan African countries, supported by the European Union. The EDCTP exists to accelerate the clinical development of new or improved medicinal products for the identification, treatment and prevention of poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases, including (re-)emerging diseases, and is making an important contribution for research capacity building in Africa, supporting researchers’ careers and strengthening national health research systems.

During this 10th EDCTP Forum titled Equity in research for health, Warren Fransman, Deputy Head of Biobanking, FIND South Africa, is presenting the poster FIND, Integrated Biobanks and Virtual Biobank for Diagnostics: A framework for equitable sample access and distribution to facilitate diagnostic research and development on Tuesday, 19 October at 11:00 (GMT+2).

The virtual conference is taking place from 17–21 October 2020.

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