INHSU 2021

INHSU 2021 is a virtual conference on epidemiology and public health in hepatitis C, other infectious diseases, and the broader health of people who use drugs.

During week 2, Sonjelle Shilton, Hepatitis Lead at FIND, will participate in two satellite sessions on diagnostics and testing titled Hepatitis C Self-Testing: Empowering People who use Drugs and Increasing Access to HCV Testing and Care (19 October 11:00–12:30 CEST) and Innovations in HCV Diagnostics: Real-World Implementation (21 October 21:00–22:30 CEST).

During the Hepatitis C models of care abstracts session on 13 October 14:25–15:55 AEDT, Maia Japaridze, HCV Project Manager, Georgia, will give a presentation on “Three-Armed, Cluster Intervention Study of Hepatitis C Viremia Testing for People who Inject Drugs in Georgia.”

During the models of care abstracts session on 14 October 16:10–17:25 AEDT, Xiao Hui Sem, HCV Project Manager, Malaysia, will give a presentation on “Comparison of Outcomes of Partially Decentralised HCV Care in Primary Healthcare Sites for PWID and Non-PWID Populations in Malaysia: the HEAD-Start Project.”

During the models of care abstracts session on 15 October 10:55–12:25 AEDT, Mugil Murya, Senior Clinical Research Associate, India, will give a presentation on “Comparison of Fully Decentralized and Partially Decentralized Models of HCV Testing and Treatment for PWID in Manipur, India – the HEAD-Start Project.”

Read the key takeaways from the session here and view the recording below.

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