International Liver Congress (EASL) 2019

The International Liver Congress, an annual EASL meeting, is being held in Vienna from 10-14 April 2019.

We are organizing two symposia in addition to presenting cross-cutting research and development initiatives at side meetings.

EASL-CDC symposium: Best Practices in HCV Elimination

11 April 2019 – 12:00-13:30 PM
Chairs: Muazzam Nasrullah, U.S. & Markus Peck-Radosavljevic, Austria

  • Muazzam Nasrullah – Opening remarks
  • David Sergeenko, Georgia – The critical role of partnerships in HCV elimination, Georgia
  • Wahed Doss, Egypt – Reaching the hardest-to-reach populations with HCV infection, Egypt
  • Huma Qureshi, Pakistan – HCV elimination in Pakistan: Opportunities and challenges
  • Janvier Serumondo, Rwanda – Successful treatment of HCV infection through task shifting to non-specialist providers in Rwanda
  • Homie Razavi, U. S. – A novel approach to funding HCV and HBV treatment for all, Uzbekistan pilot project
  • Sonjelle Shilton, Switzerland – Increasing access to HCV diagnostics through simplification, integration, and decentralization
  • Francisco Averhoff, U.S. – HCV elimination: Benefits beyond treatment
  • Markus Peck-Radosavljevic – Closing remarks

4th HCV Diagnostics Forum

12 April 2019 – 9-10:30 AM

Session Presenter Time
Welcome, introductions and setting the scene Jason Grebely, Kirby Institute, Australia 9:00-9:05 AM
Session 1: Innovative HCV diagnostic tools and strategies 9:05-9:35 AM
  • Overview of the HCV diagnostic pipeline
  • Cost-effectiveness of core Ag testing
  • Diagnostic calculator
  • Elena Ivanova, FIND, Switzerland
  • Karine Lacombe, Saint-Antoine Hospital, France
  • Jag Chhatwal, MGH/Harvard, USA

9:05-9:15 AM
9:15-9:25 AM
9:25-9:35 AM

Session 2: Raising awareness and community mobilization 9:35-10:05 AM
  • Hepatitis C elimination – the price tag and how we pay
  • HCV Elimination in Pakistan: one village at a time
  • Malaysia: community mobilization to create demand
  • Margaret Hellard, Burnet University, Australia
  • Huma Qureshi, Pakistan Health Research Council
  • Annette Gaudino, Treatment Action Group, USA

9:35-9:45 AM
9:45-9:55 AM
9:55-10:05 AM

Panel discussion, Q&A Chairs, Presenters, Audience 10:05-10:25 AM
Closing remarks Jilian Sacks, Clinton Health Access Initiative, USA 10:25-10:30AM

Poster session

On display from 11-13 April at the Poster Pod:

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