NTD Summit 2017

FIND participation in the NTD Summit, 19-22 April 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

1- Leishmaniasis sessions

Thursday 20th April, 16.00-17.30 Visceral leishmaniasis control in east Africa and Latin America: progress and challenges

  • Need for better tools and improved access to VL diagnosis, update on FIND activities: Isra Cruz, FIND

2- Future perspectives for Chagas Disease, 2020 and beyond

Friday 21st April, 11.00 – 12.30 Challenges and way forward linking R&D with future access

  • The landscape in diagnostic tools: Albert Picado, FIND

3- Human African trypanosomiasis session

Friday 21st April, 11.00-12.30 Human African trypanosomiasis session

  • Overview of TrypaNo! partnership: Joseph Ndung’u, FIND

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