The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023

The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023

15–18 November 2023 Paris, France Hybrid

Transforming evidence into practice

When: 15–18 November 2023

Where: Paris, France, Palais des Congrès

The Union World Conference on Lung Health comes together every year to present the latest scientific research in all aspects of lung health. Generating new evidence from research projects and presenting the results, but also implementing it – converting research into practice, striving for evidence-based health policies and decisions.

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FIND's presence

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Time (CET)
Session title
FIND representative(s)
Saturday, 11 November 2023
WHO eventWHO and Unitaid consultation: transforming the TB response by driving affordable, accessible solutions to reach the most vulnerableHyatt Regency Paris EtoileKavi Velen (poster), Morten Ruhwald (panel), Anita Suresh, Swapna Uplekar (poster)
Sunday, 12 November 2023
WHO side eventGlobal Meeting of the Working Group on Public-Private Mix for TB Prevention and Care (PPM Working Group)Hyatt Regency Paris EtoileMorten Ruhwald (keynote speaker)
Tuesday, 14 November 2023
Side event08:30 – 20:30Toward a TB-Free World: New Tools Summit, incl. FIND & NDWG Annual SymposiumParis Marriott Champs Elysées HotelMorten Ruhwald (oral)
Wednesday, 15 November 2023 - UNION 1st day
Short Oral Abstract Session10:15 - 11:45SOA02 Pediatric TB: From determinants to outcomesPalais de Congrès, 231M+232MAakshi Kalra (oral)
Oral Abstract Session15:00 - 16:30OA05 Moving Pediatric TB ForwardPalais de Congrès, 202/203Aakshi Kalra (oral)
Booth08:00 - 17:00PDP booth #B3326 (IAVI/FIND/TB Alliance)Palais de Congrès, "Hall Maillot" on level 2
Thursday, 16 November 2023
Meet the Expert7:15-8:15MTE-05 TB control in prison populations: Case-finding and TB preventive therapyPalais de Congrès, 202/203Kavi Velen (oral)
Oral Abstract Session08:30-10:00OA16 CAD for TuberculosisPalais de Congrès, 221M + 222MSandra Kik (co-author)
Oral Abstract Session10:15-11:45OA18 Genome sequencing and new diagnostics researchPalais de Congrès, 251Andres de la Rossa (oral)
Community Connect16:00-16:45CC-11 Community-led "test and treat" and advocacy and community engagement for pandemicy: lessons from India and ZimbabwePalais de Congrès, Foyer Bleu ParisKarishma Saran (chair)
Oral Abstract Session18:50-20:00TBS2E Mixed-themePalais de Congrès, Amphitheatre BleuAakshi Kalra (co-chair)
Booth08:00-17:00PDP booth #B3326 (IAVI/FIND/TB Alliance)Palais de Congrès, "Hall Maillot" on level 2
Friday, 17 November 2023
Symposium8:30-10:00SP25 CAD for kids: Advances in adapting computer-aided chest X-ray readings to support TB diagnosis in childrenPalais de Congrès, 241Sandra Kik (chair)
Symposium10:15-11:45SP28 An International Consensus on Early TB (ICE-TB) - the path to programmatic impactPalais de Congrès, 252ABMikashmi Kohli (oral)
Oral Abstract Session10:15-11:00OA43 Diagnostic network and route optimization as a guide to implementing a cost-effective sample transportation system in hilly region of Uttarakhand, IndiaPalais de Congrès, 202/203Archana Beri (oral)
Symposium10:15-11:45SP30 Closing the gap: Evidence-based approaches to CAD software for equitable peadiatric TB screeningPalais de Congrès, 241Sandra Kik (oral)
E-poster presentation13:15 – 13:20EP18 Imaging to end TBPalais de Congrès, Salle Maillot 2Sandra Kik (poster)
Community Connect17:00-17:45CC-19 Upgrading the TB diagnostics toolbox - what's needed to achieve diagnosis for all?Palais de Congrès, Foyer Bleu ParisKavindhran Velen (oral), Swapna Uplekar (oral)
Satellite Session18:30-20:00SS20 Unlocking the potential of tongue swabs to increase access to TB testingPalais de Congrès, 251Morten Ruhwald (chair and speaker)
Panel Discussion18:30-20:00Illumina & Genoscreen Panel Discussion: Recent advances in TB-drug resistance detection using Next-Generation SequencingPalais de Congrès, 252ABAnita Suresh (panel)
Oral Abstract Session16:45-18:15OA53 Identification & Management of TB InfectionPalais de Congrès, 221M + 222MAakshi Kalra (oral)
Booth08:00-17:00PDP booth #B3326 (IAVI/FIND/TB Alliance)Palais de Congrès, "Hall Maillot" on level 2
Saturday, 18 November 2023 - Union last day.
Community Connect9:30-10:15CC-22 Keeping the promise: fulfilling the commitment to develop new tools to end TBPalais de Congrès, Foyer Bleu ParisMikashmi Kohli (oral)
Oral Abstract Session10:15-10:45OA62: Access to care and servicesPalais de Congrès, 242 BLyNa Hoang (oral)
Oral Abstract Session10:15-11:45OA63 Perspective in person-centred carePalais de Congrès, 242 AAakshi Kalra (oral)
Symposium13:15-14:45SP46 Digital chest X-ray and computer-aided detection (d-CXR/CAD) – accelerating adoption to find the missing people with TBPalais de Congrès, 251Kavi Velen (chair)
Sandra Kirk (presenter)
Symposium13:15-14:45SP51 Global policy and evidence for the use of targeted next-generation sequencing for the detection of TB drug resistancePalais de Congrès, 221M + 222MBecky Colman (oral), Timothy Rodwell (chair)
Symposium13:15-14:45SP47 Advancing the TB diagnostics pipeline -  results from three large NIH-funded research consortiaPalais de Congrès, 243Morten Ruhwald (oral)
Booth08:00-17:00PDP booth #B3326 (IAVI/FIND/TB Alliance)Palais de Congrès, "Hall Maillot" on level 2

Toward a TB-free world: new tools summit

When: 14 November 2023
Where: Paris, France, Paris Marriott Champs Elysées

In collaboration with IAVI, TB Alliance, the Working Group on New TB Vaccines, the Working Group on New TB Drugs, and the New Diagnostics Working Group, we are co-hosting a new tools summit in the lead-up to the conference. 

We are excited to announce that we will hold our FIND-NDWG annual symposium and a francophone media workshop during the event. Programme details will be shared soon. 

The full-day event will include lunch and close with a networking reception. 

Please mark your diaries on 14 November and look out for more information soon.