The use of self-tests in the fight against COVID-19 | Session 2

International webinar series

Date/Time: 7 April 2022 at 14:00 (CEST)


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  • Carlos Eduardo Gouvêa (ALADDIV/CBDL)
  • David Heymann (LSHTM / Chatam House)


The role of genomics and new variants

Moderator: Segundo Leon (ALADDIV/USJB)

  • Anita Suresh (FIND)


Perspectives for testing expansion: ACT-A Diagnostics and its legacy

Moderator: Robyn Meurant (ACT-IVD)

  • Rosanna Peeling (LSHTM)
  • Sergio Carmona (CMO, FIND)
  • Renuka Gadde (CHAI)



The last battle: how to keep COVID-19 away

Moderator: Gonzalo Vecina (USP)

  • Vision of MoH – Rosana Mello
  • Vision of ANVISA – Leandro Rodrigues Pereira
  • Vision of Industry – Fabio Arcuri
  • Vision of Laboratories – Fabio Brazão
  • Vision of Pharmacies – Sergio Mena Barreto
  • Vision of CONASS – Cipriano Maia



Conclusion and final remarks