UNITE Global Summit 2021

The UNITE Global Summit is UNITE’s flagship annual event to promote political impact & momentum towards ending infectious diseases as a global health threat. This year’s event, the UNITE Global Summit 2021, aims to secure political leadership as a key determinant to a fairer and equitable global health ecosystem that promotes health & well-being for all. By empowering political leaders, the summit will draw key discussions and action on how, following COVID – the international architecture responds to current and future pandemics that affect and might affect the most vulnerable of our societies.

On 6 December 2021, 15:45–17:15 GMT, our Chief Access Officer, Emma Hannay, will join Panel Session 4 on Access to innovation in health – Building hope for an equitable future, hosted by Unitaid. She will participate in the second panel on “Solutions and challenges for COVID-19 Therapeutics & Diagnostics and lessons learned for the future and for other epidemics” to discuss COVID-19 diagnostics: access to test and treatment.

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