IDA Foundation and FIND work together to improve access to tests for non-communicable diseases

IDA Foundation and FIND work together to improve access to tests for non-communicable diseases

IDA Foundation and FIND have joined forces to help address the challenges of availability, affordability, and optimal use of diagnostics for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Buyers in LMICs will be able to procure NCD-related diagnostics at pre-negotiated access terms through this agreement, which brings together FIND’s DxConnect Marketplace and IDA’s NCDconnect procurement platform.

NCDs are manageable and treatable when accurately diagnosed, and timely diagnosis is critical to both patient outcomes and health financing. Yet lack of access to critical tools leaves patients at risk and sends health costs spiraling. A study conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic showed that in six LMICs, an estimated 21% of patients hospitalized had undiagnosed diabetes and 31% of deaths were linked to a lack of a diabetes diagnosis. Had these patients been diagnosed earlier, modelling showed that it could have prevented 5% of COVID-19 deaths and saved 1.8 million quality-adjusted life years.

The partnership between FIND and IDA combines IDA’s expertise in sourcing, quality assurance and supply chain management, with FIND’s extensive diagnostic know-how and network, to address critical gaps in global health supply chains.

The FIND DxConnect Marketplace is a secure digital platform and support service that connects buyers and sellers to facilitate the procurement of affordable, quality-assured diagnostics.

Developed by IDA in collaboration with Solvoz as a technical expert, NCDconnect is an innovative partnership-driven ecosystem solution, encompassing a procurement platform for NCD medicines, medical supplies, and diagnostics. This unique approach aims to enhance the affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare products, specifically targeting NCDs. Through a disease-country-focused strategy, healthcare organizations can efficiently access a curated selection of NCD medicines, medical supplies, and diagnostics, fostering collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

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IDA Foundation’s mission is being the vital link that provides access to medicines and medical goods to countries in need. IDA Foundation created NCDconnect, a one-stop access-solution for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) medicines, medical supplies, and diagnostics procurement. The aim of the platform is to increase the affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare products to fight NCDs, including cancer.
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FIND accelerates equitable access to reliable diagnosis around the world. We are working to close critical testing gaps that leave people at risk from preventable and treatable illnesses, enable effective disease surveillance, and build sustainable, resilient health systems. In partnership with countries, WHO and other global health agencies, we are driving progress towards global health security and universal health coverage. We are a WHO Collaborating Centre for Laboratory Strengthening and Diagnostic Technology Evaluation.