Karell Pellé

Karell Pellé

Head of Health Systems Strengthening, Senegal (IPD) / Senior Scientist, Public Health

Localisation Geneva, Switzerland

Départment Access

Unité Country and Regional Programmes

A propos de Karell Pellé

Karell joined FIND in 2018 as eHealth Scientific Officer for the Fever and Malaria Programme, focusing on developing eHealth tools to enhance diagnostic use, guide clinical decision-making and support antimicrobial surveillance. Karell has over 10 years of experience in infectious disease research (mainly malaria and pneumonia) as well as research project management.

Karell holds a PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her doctoral work focused on the diversity of antigenic variation and protein secretion in malaria. She has several years of experience working with international groups on capacity building, laboratory training, and research compliance.

Prior to FIND, Karell worked at the Broad Institute and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health within a cross-functional team to develop diagnostic host biomarker signatures for paediatric pneumonia using state-of-the-art transcriptomic and proteomic tools.