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The development and availability of fit for purpose diagnostic testing is key to achieving health for all. This cannot be done without access to well-characterized, high-quality biological samples that have been collected, processed, and stored in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way.

FIND Biobank services do just that. Available to academic, non-profit, independent, and commercial users, we are working to streamline the development of diagnostic tools by improving the quality, visibility, and availability of sample collections. More than just a supplier, we offer the guidance and expertise needed to develop, validate, and assess new and existing solutions – all whilst working to decentralize traditional systems and build biobanking capacity when and where it is needed most.

Our programmes

SPECIMEN BANK: A central repository storing 400,000+ samples to support research and product development across different diseases.

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DxCONNECT VIRTUAL BIOBANK: A free, open-access directory offering a global view of sample availability for infectious diseases, with guidance on sample use. The DxConnect Virtual Biobank offers data on collections hosted by organizations and networks worldwide, as well as by FIND, allowing users and owners of biosamples to connect directly.

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FIND INTEGRATED BIOBANKS: A growing network of biobanks in low- and middle-income countries transforming access to biological samples.

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If your team would like to order samples, list a collection, or join our biobanking network, please follow the links above. To find out more about the partnership opportunities available with FIND, or how you can support our work, please contact


Samples hosted by FIND or through our network of integrated biobanks are made available for the purpose of product development and clinical trial activities. Collection takes place at qualified clinics, with partner centres following good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines and protocols approved by local ethical review boards. All donors are required to give informed consent for their specimens to be stored and used.


We would like to thank all those who have donated biological samples to support the development of essential diagnostics. Our thanks also go to the clinical, laboratory and staff teams that underpin the FIND biobank services, and to the donors and partners who make this work possible.

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