G20 in Goa, India

G20 engagement

Diagnostic priorities at the 2023 health working group discussions in India.

The Group of Twenty (G20) brings together the world’s largest economies to shape global policy on trade, health, climate and other major international issues.

As part of the G20 decision-making process, working groups, comprising experts and officials from relevant ministries, lead in-depth discussions on the issues. With the current Presidency being held by India in 2023, the G20 health working group has identified three priorities:

  1. Health emergencies prevention, preparedness and response (with focus on One Health & AMR)
  2. Strengthening cooperation in pharmaceutical sector with focus on access and availability to safe, effective, quality and affordable medical countermeasures (vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics)
  3. Digital health innovations and solutions to aid universal health coverage and improve healthcare service delivery

We are highlighting the importance of diagnostics in ensuring that the G20 health priorities are achieved.

The time is now! Actions and opportunities G7 and G20 leaders must seize in 2023

46 civil society groups from around the world are calling on G7 and G20 leaders to take action and seize opportunities that ensure every country and community has the tools to stop the spread of COVID-19, prevent and respond to future pandemics, and create a pandemic proof future.